Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Cocoon Apothecary

I love Cocoon Apothecary. Here are the reasons why:

1) They are local! So local in fact, that these lovely products are made in the very city I live in.
2) They are pro recycling. So much so, that they are now packaging some of their items in glass. Mmmm. Glass is SO much nicer than plastic!
3) They are animal friendly.
4) They are purely plant based, natural and VEGAN! Not that I am vegan, but I appreciate the effort they put into making these products chemical and animal free.
5) The stuff works - I am either using or have used at some point pretty much all of their products. They are not all listed on their website right now, but there is quite a few items.

I just received a shipment from them today (hence my blog post). I ordered: 
Petal Purity - a facial cleanser that I simply cannot get enough of. It is so smooth and nice and leaves your skin feeling just lovely and clean.

Rose Dew - a facial toner that you spritz onto your face after cleansing. You have no idea how wonderful this feels until you try it.
Spotbuster - a roll on pimple treatment that really works. Let's face it - I've got pimples - we all know it. I am trying to do something about it :P

Magic Bean - a body creme. I have never had Magic Bean before, so this one is a first for me but I am super excited about it because it smells like a chocolate milkshake.

I was just so thrilled to receive my package today, because this is the first time I have ever had their facial cleanser and body creme packaged in glass! You have no idea how excited this makes me. The roll on's have always been in glass, but the cleanser and cremes were always in plastic. I am stoked. I hate plastic.

Anyways, please check them out. If you live in the KW area they are usually at the Stitch n' Kitsch shows which happen at First United Church a few times a year. They also sell at some stores in Toronto and Kitchener... not sure of the details but you can check them out on their website. 

Support local, natural, animal friendly, vegan, etc body products!!!!! Face it, they are better for you in the end!



Sarah K said...

Mmm I want to try it! Let me know when the next Stitch and Kitch show is!

Eleanor Magpie said...

These seem pretty cool...I am especially intrigued by the face spritzer. Sounds nice!
How was your show?

Meghan Kraatz said...

The show was interesting!
And Sarah, I'll let you know for sure :)